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Philadelphia FIGHT The AIDS Library

Philadelphia FIGHT (FIGHT), is a comprehensive AIDS service organization providing HIV primary care, consumer education, advocacy, and research on potential treatments and vaccines.

The goal of FIGHT is to end the epidemic in the lifetime of people living with HIV today. FIGHT provides primary care to people with HIV/AIDS at the Jonathan Lax Immune Disorders Treatment Center, which offers state-of-the-art clinical care to address the comprehensive needs of people with HIV/AIDS. FIGHT also conducts research to test potential therapies for HIV/AIDS, including the first North American trial of a potential vaccine.


Services and Programs of FIGHT...

The AIDS Library provides people living with AIDS, the AIDS service community, and the general public with HIV/AIDS information and referrals to services via telephone, TDD, e-mail, fax, access to its collections and Internet service.

The AIDS Library was founded in 1987 and was, for many years, the only publicly accessible source of accurate, up-to-date information on the AIDS epidemic. Currently the library maintains a collection of 120 scientific journals and other periodicals, 250 videos, a large selection of consumer-oriented pamphlets and 2,500 books.

The AIDS Library strives to bring information to people in the most understandable and accessible ways possible. All materials may be viewed in the comfort of the library and most books and videos may be loaned to those with a free AIDS Library borrower card.

The library’s web site offers an easily accessible, 24-hour online resource for HIV information and services. There are eight computers with audio and video capability available during the hours the library is open.

The library has a presence in the community: events on HIV related issues are held in the library and off-site to raise awareness of HIV. Topics are HIV related and for people living with HIV, HIV service providers, and the general public.