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Project TEACH is an intensive consumer education program open to HIV+ people in the Philadelphia area and is the region's largest peer education training program. This program has graduated nearly 900 people over eight years, who have utilized the information gained to improve their health status, improve their relationship with their physicians and other providers, and to become more active members of the community.

The core training program of TEACH is an intensive 9 week program that covers the natural history of HIV, concepts of immunity and immune reconstitution, state-of-the-art anti-HIV therapies, structured treatment interruption, alternative therapies, and a variety of supportive skills such as how to develop a positive relationship with your clinical provider, basic concepts of peer counseling, legal services, social services, disability and returning to work.

The program emphasizes advocating for yourself and others in the physician's office and in the community. Project TEACH also presents TEACH Outside, for recently released incarcerated persons.

The goal of TEACH Online is to extend the reach of the Project TEACH class to those not able to participate onsite at Philadelphia FIGHT.

Separate interactive modules, published on the TEACH Online website, allow members of the TEACH class and other HIV+ people to learn more about a particular subject at their own pace, and will give each person who uses it time and space to explore the ramifications of different decisions they might make about their issues, treatment or otherwise, impacted by HIV.

All modules will be complete and self-contained. This allows them to be published on the World Wide Web, and anyone who is HIV positive with Internet access and a Web-browser would be able to use them.

TEACH Online, like Project TEACH, emphasizes interactivity and the importance of each person's individual process in making treatment decisions.